The Function of Grip Training.

Suspension grip training for fun, exercise or training like a Ninja Warrior bring adds an entirely new dimension to fitness. Ninja Grips are the ultimate grip training gear proudly made in the U.S.A. Designed, fabricated, and tested by expert climbers. Train like a warrior and conquer training obstacles big or small.

Ninja Grips offers more versatility to train for:

  • Grip Strength
  • Upper Body Strength
  • Core Engagement
  • Body Weight Training
  • Sport Climbing & Bouldering

We design our grips to be ergonomic, allowing you to suspend, hang, and swing while minimizing skin abrasion. Complete your training session because you are tired, not because your fingertips hurt!

Ninja Grips are made from the highest quality NON-TOXIC Polyurethane. Not only is polyurethane far stronger, our polyurethane is also worker and environmentally friendly, free of harmful heavy metals.

Every grip we manufacture is pre-drilled, sanded, cleaned and ready for immediate use! We pride ourselves on offering the safest most comfortable textures and shapes available for daily training requirement.

Ninja Grips are the safest holds on the market today as we embedded washers in each pre-drilled anchor point of our bolt on suspension.