Lifetime Replacement Warranty

At Ninja Grips we produce the highest quality products on the market. If there is a design flaw or defect we want to know about it so we can eliminate it. This includes any flaws in a climbing hold like a rack or a hole that wasn’t drilled out properly. contact us and we will provide a replacement. We don’t have a complicated warranty designed to discourage claims. If we need to inspect the hold to determine the cause of the defect we’ll pay to ship it back. Our warranty never expires. Even if a climbing hold breaks 10 years from now, we’ll replace it!

  • Replacement Warranty does not apply to cosmetic seconds.
  • Our climbing holds are designed for suspension use only.
  • Fastening to, or use on a flat surface voids all warranties express or implied.

Contact us to submit a claim and we will provide you with a replacement.